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 - 14 August - 9 September (Wales Millenium Centre, Cardiff - Wales)

 - 17 September (Wales Millenium Centre, Cardiff - Wales)

 - 22,23 September (Tablao Flamenquería, Sevilla - Spain)

 - 26 September (Wales Millenium Centre, Cardiff - Wales)

 - 1,5,6 October (Tablao Flamenquería, Sevilla - Spain)

 - 10 October (Venue Cymru, Llandudno -  Wales)

 - 17 October (Bristol Hippodrome - Wales)

 - 31 October (Theatre Royal Plymouth, Plymouth - England )

 - 7 November (Birminghan Hippodrome, England)

 - 10,11,12 November (Workshop Amsterdam - Netherlands)

 - 16 November (Milton Keynes Theatre- England)

 - 22 November (Mayflower Theatre, Southampton - England)

  TOUR 2023

 - 9 Enero - 27 Enero (Nueva York, NY)

 - 2 Febrero (Austin, TX)

 - 3-4-5 Febrero (San Antonio, TX)

 - 6-7-8-9-10-11 Febrero (Denver, CO)

 - 22-23-24-25-26 Febrero ( Festival Flamenco Chicago, IL)

 - 28 Febrero - 8 Marzo (Toronto, Canadá)

 - 13 Marzo - 16 Abril ( Detroit, MI)

 - 17 Abril - 22 Abril (Atlanta, GA)


"Añejo" is an open, living evolving spectacle with specific artist requirements. Rather than to tell a particular story or script, it seeks to enjoy flamenco by referencing figures of its past and presenting the proper essence of flamenco using the cante, toque, percusión and the dance. 

Añejo features acclaimed Flamenco dancer, teacher and choreographer Isaac Tovar in his return to Canada. Tovar is a former soloist of several premier and international companies including the Ballet Nacional de España and Ballet Flamenco Andalucía,  Compañía Antonio "El Pipa" and is the recipient of numerous prestigious dance awards.

Tovar, "one of Spain´s greatest contemporary flamenco dancers", gives traditional flamenco dance new dimension. 

Source :

Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theatre presents Decameron 20:20

Inspired by Giovanni Boccaccio's classic, The Decameron (1349), which follows ten people in isolation during the Black Plague in Florence, Italy. Each individual wrote a story a day, inspired by their interpretation of the state of the pandemic.



"Enjoy a captivating collaboration between four Flamenco artists — a guitarist, a pianist, a percussionist, and a dancer. Immersed on stage in their individual artforms, they come to find each other’s rhythms, giving rise to the performance’s name — Encuentro, Spanish for meeting.

Encuentro features acclaimed Flamenco dancer Isaac Tovar in his Canadian debut performance. Tovar, a former soloist at the Ballet Nacional de España, gives traditional Flamenco dance new dimension when performed alongside modern instrumentation, such as the piano —uncommon in Flamenco."

Source :

El bailaor Isaac Tovar semifinalista del Festival Internacional de Las Minas

"Los clasificados proceden de varios puntos del país: Andalucía, Extremadura, Comunidad Valenciana, Madrid y Región de Murcia.​

26 artistas competirán por los galardones flamencos de las 59 edición del Festival del Cante de las Minas de La Unión que este año se celebra del 31 de julio al 10 agosto. 11 cantaores tratarán de conseguir la Lámpara Minera, 6 bailaoras y bailaores optarán por el Desplante, 4 guitarristas competirán por el Bordón Minero y 5 instrumentistas lo harán por el denominado Filón."


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